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Debunking Myths of Mental Health at Work
Given the right conditions, work can be good for our mental health. But if the environment is negative, it can result to several mental health problems. There are different work situations that can contribute to mental health problems. Here are some of the common ones you should be aware of.
Is an internship that important?
You might think that internship is not a good thing considering that most available opportunities are unpaid. But before you finalize your thoughts about internships, we want you to know its importance.
Project Refresh: Volunteers Spread Goodness for the Christmas Season
‘Tis the season to be jolly and organisers of Project Refresh made sure that hundreds of seniors and low-income families got a hearty dose of that festive cheer.
12 Ways to Celebrate in the True Spirit of Christmas
This year, we give you 12 ideas (one for each of the 12 days of Christmas) on how you can celebrate the season sharing the true spirit of the occasion.
Young NTUC Career Guides Share How Singapore Workers Can Succeed Abroad
Living and working abroad has become increasingly popular. According to the United Nations, there were some 258 million international migrants worldwide in 2017. 2 career guides shared their perspectives on working in the region and how youths can better prepare themselves for the experience.
Learning Journey: Takeaways from Circles.Life
Young, imaginative, driven – this sums up Asia’s first mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). A fully digital telco and consumer company, the Singapore-based Circles.Life created a buzz among the Young NTUC crowd. What are the takeaways from them?
Live & Learn
3 insights on how to seek a career in marketing amid Covid-19
These are scary times to be hunting for a job. But take heart.There are things you can do to prepare yourself to launch your career once the job market bounces back. Andy Koh, Senior CX Strategy Partner at Starhub, talked about his marketing experiences and shared insights on what you need to know.
Level Up at Home: This SG Website Gives You Career Advice from Industry Senpais
LITerally Online helps graduates and young working adults with job advice from industry experts. is offering virtual mentorships during this time, ensuring that graduates can get all the info they need without having to visit a job fair.
The 50/30/20 Rule for Budgeting
Living on a paycheck to paycheck basis, that might result in you facing potential financial problems. Maybe it’s time to consider using the 50/30/20 rule.
What does it mean to be environmentally friendly?
Given what's happening on the planet right now, we are glad that more and more people are becoming more eco-conscious in their actions. If you are someone who wants to revisit your lifestyle for the better, here's some tips for you!
Highly Coveted Leadership Skills In The Workplace
You have probably seen a number of posts or memes about the difference between a leader and a boss. For those who aren’t aware of it, here's quick summary.
How to boost positivity at the workplace
Work can be overwhelming. And to be honest, a lot of young adults are already suffering from anxiety and depression due to work-related stress. The question now is, what are the ways that can boost positivity at your workplace? We have gathered a few ideas that can help you.
Up Close & Personal
Why your employees' mental wellness matters more than ever
There has been much conversation about remote working and how it impacts employees’ work-life balance and mental health. Find out what companies like Temasek International has put in place to take care of their employees’ mental well-being.
Uncertainty as opportunity: staying relevant in tomorrow's job market
“Technology or AI will never be able to replace humans. Rather, they will augment us—and if you're prepared to learn, you can actually capture many, many opportunities”. Read to find out what Mr Seah Chin Siong shared at LIT DISCOvery 2020.
6 common roadblocks F&B businesses face in the digital era
Humans and businesses alike tend to resist change until they face with an indomitable force of nature such as COVID-19 and change suddenly, becomes a necessity for survival. Find out what are the six common roadblocks faced by F&B establishments today as they digitalise their operations.
Balli Kaur Jaswal: Singapore Girl, Social Commentator, Acclaimed Author of Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows
For a Little Red Dot, Singapore has not been in short supply of literary heavyweights. Local author Balli Kaur Jaswal, 35, however, is that rarity among them, having earned not just literary recognition but also international commercial success
Goni Room – Where One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Cash
Meet 24-year-old Soufi A’aliyah and 33-year-old Afiq Ayub. The Millennials are unlikely successors of the karung guni men. Just this year, they started a local collective called Goni Room, reviving the recycling efforts from Singapore’s past.
The Double Life of a Civil Servant and Student - Reeve’s Story
When asked about his motive on a lifelong learning journey, he said, “I believe it is important for one to keep abreast with new information, technologies that will keep your mind sharp.”


18.35 Activism
Young Union Leaders
The leader who knows how to seize opportunities and make the best out of it
“One good way to take your career to the next level is to always strive to challenge the norms and seek to improve things positively, in this way we can gain new experience and venture in new direction with every step forward” Read more about Young Union Leader, Lee Yong Quan.
The Union Leader Who “Walks” the Talk
There’s a misconception that youths nowadays don’t prefer administrative work, but how true is this? This month, we interviewed Kris Chen, a Business Support in the Media Solution Division of Singapore Press Holdings who has been in this for 9 years.
A Malay Union Leader That Speaks Mandarin and Loves K-Pop
Zaid is a person that is full of surprises. He literally embodies Singapore’s cultural melting pot – born Malay, speaks mandarin and loves Korean pop.
Young Activists
Made to Make a Difference
Every once in a while, a youth comes along who tosses every negative stereotype of that generation out of the window. Entitled? No. Narcistic? Never. Soft? Not even close. Instead, 22-year-old Leow Min Chon is thoughtful, altruistic and somewhat of a visionary.
Inspiring and Guiding Youths
Sharon Tan hopes to give back and inspire the next generation of marketers as a career guide with Young NTUC’s Youth Career Network.
Carving a Career in the Digital Space
Social media entrepreneur Smith Leong takes his work offline to help youths make sense of the evolving digital space.