Youth Chapters
Through our Youth Chapters - the youth wing of affiliated unions, young union leaders are better able to engage fellow youths at their workplace. With the support of Young NTUC, our young union leaders are provided with resources to facilitate them in reaching out and engaging their members.
Hearing the Call of Leadership
Everyone has a voice - In spite of being a relatively new teacher, Ting Kai could not ignore the call to become a Young Union Leader after realising that many of his colleagues faced challenges during the pandemic. Now, he’s on a mission to let teachers know he’s here to help.
Strength in Unity
Timothy coaches Wushu and Taiji. Over the years, Timothy observed that it was difficult for freelancers and sports service providers to negotiate with big clients as they did not have strong bargaining power. Wanting to be more involved, he joined NICA and led initiatives to support the freelancers
Team Young NTUC
Team Young NTUC brings together youths of similar interests and causes. Youths come together as affinity groups to lead initiatives which they are passionate about. From environmental issues, animal welfare, volunteering to performing arts, we help our members make a difference to themselves and the society.
Seeing Both Sides of A Coin
While many choose to focus on one side, at times it takes another person to highlight the reality. Meet Jonathan, a career mentor and youth leader who is always ready to share both sides of the coin with those who reach out to him.
Get the Help You Need
It is never easy to chart your career pathway. The good news is, you don’t need to chart this path alone. Read how NTUC Career Guides like Catherine Cheong are here to provide the personalized support you need for your journey into professional fulfillment and success.
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