LIT Prep
Looking to polish your resume or learn the know-hows to tackle tricky interview questions? DMK will conduct a styling workshop, and afterwards NTUC Members will have the opportunity for a 1-to-1 session with our Career Coaches..

LIT Learning Journey to Vicinity Studio
Looking for a career in the film and media industry? Join this upcoming LIT Learning Journey to Vicinity Studio!

Vicinity Studio
LIT <Learning Is Triggered>
Our knowledge and skills are not things we learn only in the past. They are, in fact, the foundation for what is to be created in the future.

Young NTUC U Heart
Young NTUC U Heart, held in collaboration with NTUC Income aims to leave a deeper, lasting impact on the lives of diverse group of beneficiaries through a series of youth self-initiated do-good projects. We hope to encourage youth to organise more skills-based volunteering projects.

Youth Career Network
Initiated by Young NTUC, the Youth Career Network is a support network consisting of volunteer career coaches and career guides, who come together with a common desire to pay it forward.