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In this economic climate, should I accept a lower pay?
While fresh graduates should always base their career decisions on their particular circumstances, it’s possible to take advantage of interim work while waiting for the job you want at the same time. Bottom line? Know what your options are to make informed career decisions.
Debunking Myths of Mental Health at Work
Given the right conditions, work can be good for our mental health. But if the environment is negative, it can result to several mental health problems. There are different work situations that can contribute to mental health problems. Here are some of the common ones you should be aware of.
Is an internship that important?
You might think that internship is not a good thing considering that most available opportunities are unpaid. But before you finalize your thoughts about internships, we want you to know its importance.
Project Refresh: Volunteers Spread Goodness for the Christmas Season
‘Tis the season to be jolly and organisers of Project Refresh made sure that hundreds of seniors and low-income families got a hearty dose of that festive cheer.
12 Ways to Celebrate in the True Spirit of Christmas
This year, we give you 12 ideas (one for each of the 12 days of Christmas) on how you can celebrate the season sharing the true spirit of the occasion.
Young NTUC Career Guides Share How Singapore Workers Can Succeed Abroad
Living and working abroad has become increasingly popular. According to the United Nations, there were some 258 million international migrants worldwide in 2017. 2 career guides shared their perspectives on working in the region and how youths can better prepare themselves for the experience.
Live & Learn
How Technology is Making Mental Health Management Easier
From apps to AI, technology is transforming the future of mental health management. Learn more about the technological trends in wellness today, featuring some partners from LIT DISCOvery last month.
Rebuild Credit After Bad Debts
Managing your financial health is important. Learn with Credit Bureau Singapore on how you can rebuild your credit reputation and improve your credit score after paying outstanding loans.
5 Inspiring Secrets to Success From Today’s Tech Trailblazers
Read more for soundbites from the panel speakers at LIT DISCOvery 2022 on tech trends that will reshape youths' lives and how you can keep up!
Seizing Career Freedom and Flexibility in Tomorrow’s Digital Workplace
Today’s youths value freedom and flexibility – whether in the form of work-life balance, earning enough to retire early, or pursuing passions. Read more on the empowering trends in today’s digital workplace and find out how to seize opportunities created by digital disruption at LIT DISCOvery 2022!
Land Your Dream Job Unrelated To Your Degree
Regardless of which life stage you’re at, be it as a fresh graduate or already in your mid-career, know that you’re never limited by choices. Find out how to land your dream job that’s different than your academic background.
4 Hacks to Plan Your Career Progression
As first-jobbers, we know how overwhelming it can be at the start when the work starts to pile, but it is also important to mindfully plan your career progression early. Check out our cheat sheet for tips.
Up Close & Personal
Embodying the Singapore Spirit
What does the Singapore Spirit means to our SGUnited Traineeship Trainees? Resilience, adaptability and helping one another through tough times are some of the mentions, by our young workers. Their tenacity, will-power hard work and talent have earned them permanent job offers. Read more
What it means to be a worker for workers?
The slogan of #everyworkermatters is the main driving force behind the work that NTUC does for the workers. So what does it mean be a worker for workers? Here’s the take from the “youngest” (in terms of tenure) colleagues in Young NTUC.
Why Should Fresh Graduates Take Up Traineeships?
Since Johanna started her traineeship three months ago, she has picked up many relevant skills and gained valuable industry experience. Read more about her story and find out how every fresh graduate can be like Johanna and why you should consider taking a traineeship!
A Cashless Society: How Far Has Singapore Come?
The pandemic has made consumers and businesses to adopt e-payments more than usual. Find out from Mr Ricky Lim, Group CEO & MD at NETS, explains how COVID-19 has impacted consumer behaviours and where does Singapore stand today in becoming a cashless society.
Why your employees' mental wellness matters more than ever
There has been much conversation about remote working and how it impacts employees’ work-life balance and mental health. Find out what companies like Temasek International has put in place to take care of their employees’ mental well-being.
Uncertainty as opportunity: staying relevant in tomorrow's job market
“Technology or AI will never be able to replace humans. Rather, they will augment us—and if you're prepared to learn, you can actually capture many, many opportunities”. Read to find out what Mr Seah Chin Siong shared at LIT DISCOvery 2020.


18.35 Activism
Young Union Leaders
Hearing the Call of Leadership
Everyone has a voice - In spite of being a relatively new teacher, Ting Kai could not ignore the call to become a Young Union Leader after realising that many of his colleagues faced challenges during the pandemic. Now, he’s on a mission to let teachers know he’s here to help.
Strength in Unity
Timothy coaches Wushu and Taiji. Over the years, Timothy observed that it was difficult for freelancers and sports service providers to negotiate with big clients as they did not have strong bargaining power. Wanting to be more involved, he joined NICA and led initiatives to support the freelancers
Stepping Up for a Fairer Workplace
How do we define fairness? Young Union Leader Monteiro Mohamad experienced unfair treatment when he first started working and this eventually became the catalyst for him to advocate fairer work practices for working people in the shipping industry.
Young Activists
The Power Of Critical Thinking
Irene Chan, a Young NTUC Career Guide, Cyber Security Senior Product Manager in Telecommunications, and Entrepreneur/Co-Founder of Drive Ride Buddy, has lived out this game-changing strategy through her multi-career!
Be Like Water
"A dream career involves having a passion for what you do and building related soft skills" For Timothy, a Supply Chain Analyst in Logistics & Distribution at ExxonMobil Chemical Asia Pacific, transferable soft skills could be that edge you need to pursue your dream job.
Tackling Change, Challenges and Tough Choices
Growth begins when you step out of your comfort zone – and our Career Guide Samir Murgude bears testimony to this. The HR professional has moved across the globe in pursuit of career opportunities that arose, some unexpectedly. There were rough patches but he embraces them like a boss.