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Tackling Change, Challenges and Tough Choices
Growth begins when you step out of your comfort zone – and our Career Guide Samir Murgude bears testimony to this. The human resource professional has moved across the globe in pursuit of career opportunities that arose, some unexpectedly. While each move took him out of familiar grounds, Samir embraced new experiences with an open mind and fortitude to overcome challenges.

“My work has taken me to places across different geographies and culture and of course, Singapore. In adapting to a new environment, it is important not to expect people in the host country to accept me first. I think understanding other cultures and beliefs has to start from our own willingness to listen, accept differences and find common grounds,” shared Samir.

It is such perceptivity and ability to connect with people of diverse backgrounds that makes Samir well-suited to be a career guide, a role he took up with Young NTUC since 2017 in the hope of motivating youths to go beyond their limits. “I have personally benefitted from mentors who made an impact on my career trajectory. I hope to do my part in advancing the careers of young budding talents and help them gain the confidence to explore and stretch their potential.”

Samir’s guidance goes beyond assisting young professionals. He also advises mid-career professionals in PMET roles on making career transitions as such situations get increasingly common in a highly dynamic economic environment. With virtual meet-ups being the main mode of contact following the COVID-19 outbreak, Samir finds himself learning to effectively leverage on virtual setting and digital tools to reach out and make an impact on professionals in their career journeys.

Having worked with and led young professionals in his team, the Head of HR & Inclusion in a leading multinational company understands how entering the workforce can be daunting for the first jobbers. However, the preparedness and openness for change in life such as transiting from school to work is necessary to build resilience. Samir noted how resilience is especially critical amid uncertain times such as the current pandemic situation and is a valued quality in today’s dynamic work environment.

At a recent Career Preparatory Workshop for Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts students, Samir encouraged youth not to shy away from jobs that may push them out of their comfort zone. “Don’t just evaluate a job offer based on the salary package and company’s brand. Consider the exposure you potentially will have and how the role may help you develop a portfolio of skills. A job that may not pay as much at start but provide good learning opportunities can do a lot more good for your long-term career growth.” His heartfelt advice came after an observation of how youths tend to go for easy choices that may provide immediate gains but not necessarily pave the way for holistic personal development.

In rounding up his thoughts on how young budding professionals can have a meaningful career, Samir shared candidly on the need to be hungry for experiences and challenges and be humble to know there is always more to learn.