18.35 Activism - Young Union Leaders
Every (Young) Worker Matters Because...
As we mark 60 years of Labour Movement since NTUC’s founding on 6 September 1961, we look ahead to see how our young workers matter in shaping the future of our workforce through an honest introspection with our young union leaders.
A Young Voice with a Big Heart
‘Advocacy-driven’ is a good way to describe Goh Huishan. Her peers view her as an inspirational leader. She is committed to her work in the union because of her strong identity as an educator. Ensuring that teachers will always have a place on the table is what drives her to do right for workers.
Championing Change for Youths
Highly driven with a contagious gusto, Azri’s personal goal is to deliver real impact in helping with addressing youth-related issues and concerns at a national level. In addition to representing the Union of ITE Training Staff (UITS), he is also the Chairperson of Young NTUC Committee.
Journeying Through the Rough Ride of the Aviation Industry
Driven by her passion to travel, Huang Huifang joined Scoot’s sales operation team five years ago and facilitated sales and account management activities for customers and airline partners, until the outbreak of COVID-19 changed her work focus last year.
The Friend We Want in Every Teacher
Generally, many of us perceive teachers to be all serious and straight-faced but Farahin breaks the stigma. She is fun to be with, enjoys Korean drama, loves to dance, and considers rolling her tongue a hidden talent. Spending time with her, makes you feel that you are with your genuine best friend.
A Little Empathy Goes A Long Way
Ted takes on many roles with the union. Besides being an observer in the HDBSU’s Executive Council, he is also the Chairman of Young HDBSU and the Secretary for HDBSU Sports and Social Secretariat. Read on to find out what motivates him the most throughout his union journey.