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Lynn Wong
Volunteers Team Manager

Lynn Wong is the Team Manager of Volunteers and a committed Young NTUC activist.

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Combining one’s love for volunteerism while preserving Singapore’s rich heritage
Entrepreneur and Team Young NTUC volunteer, Lynn Wong Yuqing hopes to be a social changemaker by combining her passion for preserving Singapore’s rich heritage with her big heart for helping others.
Active Youth for Active Seniors
20 volunteers from Team Young NTUC Volunteers organised a carnival for some 70 elderly at NTUC Eldercare’s SilverACE @ Redhill on 20th September. All the seniors enjoyed the simple games which reminded them of their younger days.
Bringing Joy to the Elderly
Some 20 Team Young NTUC Volunteers spend the Saturday morning on the 28th June with the elderly at NTUC Eldercare’s SilverACE @ Redhill. Even though it was early morning on a weekend, none of them turned up with a tired face.