Young Singapore Shell Employees' Union

Singapore Shell Employees' Union was formed in 1984. They represent employees of Shell Pte Ltd and its subsidiaries.

Union Representative(s)
Justin Neo Kai Ping
Young SSEU-SHELL Union Leader

Justin is a youth representative of Young SSEU-SHELL.

Justin is in a Terminal Operations team which sees his role including Fuel Quality Assurance, Vessel Loading and Discharging Operations from Shell’s Jetty. He is also responsible to ensure the operations are being carried out safely and adhered to the Shell Life Saving Rules. In his free time, Justin enjoys an intense session of Badminton or a leisure jog around the neighborhood to sweat it out. He is also an avid fan of e-sports - DOTA 2 and Pokemon Unite being his favourite titles.

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Adrian Chan Yew Ching
Young SSEU-SHELL Union Leader

Adrian is a youth representative of Young SSEU-SHELL.

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Energizing, Motivating And Inspiring Through Youth Leadership
“I hope to be able to inspire the next union leader to follow in my footsteps to step up to the challenge.”