Young AUPE
Young Amalgamated Union of Public Employees

Amalgamated Union of Public Employees was formed in 1959. They represent employees of Government Ministries, Public Bodies and Statutory Boards

Union Representative(s)
Marcus Yap Yong Jian
Young AUPE Union Leader

Marcus is a youth representative of Young AUPE.

Lalethaa Karamjeet Singh
Young AUPE Union Leader

Lalethaa is a youth representative of Young AUPE.

Lalethaa is working in the Covid Management Task Force at Ministry of Health. She has been part of the force since 2020, and been involved in overseeing the entire process of managing Covid patients from the beginning of their treatment to the end. Together with her team, she worked to ensure the best possible care for these patients throughout their journey.

Lalethaa is currently pursuing her MBA in Coventry University. She spends her free time with her parents and unwinds at the beach, enjoying the sea, sand and breeze. She also loves water sports and trekking around Singapore.


300 Youths, 1 Amazing Race
To celebrate Young NTUC's 10th anniversary and the nation's 50th birthday, 14 unions teamed up to organise the Young NTUC SG50 Amazing Race. During the race, besides having fun, participants also visited union offices and were reminded of trade unions’ contributions to Singapore’s development.
Green Thumbs Up for Appreciation!
In line with NTUC’s “Appreciating U” movement, Young Amalgamated Union of Public Employees (Young AUPE) gave youths the opportunity to appreciate the workers at Hort Park’s nursery. Click to read more about the hands on experienced by the youths of a day of work at the nursery.
Fancy a Jamie Oliver?
Participants at a recent Grow Your Herb event organised by Young AUPE had the opportunity to visit an actual herb garden to choose the herb they wish to cultivate. Set up against a backdrop of being near nature, participants move away from the typical classroom setting to be near to nature.