Young AESU
Young Air-Transport Executive Union

Established in 1965, AESU is one of the few unions in Singapore that represents middle-management. Its members comprise middle-level executives in the SIA group of companies, including its former subsidiary (SATS) and associate company (Eagle Services Asia), viz: 

  • Singapore Airlines (SIA)
  • SIA Engineering Company (SIAEC)
  • SATS Limited
  • Tradewinds Tours & Travel (TTT)
  • Eagles Services Asia (ESA) 
Union Representative(s)
Choo Cheng Yong
Young AESU Union Leader

Cheng Yong is a youth representative of Young AESU

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Tharmaraj Naidu Mylavaganam
Young AESU Union Leader

Tharmaraj is a youth representative of Young AESU. 

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